Massimiliano Galli (born 1980) is an italian musician and producer.

PostPrimitive is his new project.

He started to play guitar when he was 10, and he began to perform live in his city (Milan) with his first band when he was 15.

In 2005 he started to write his own lyrics and music and founded his solo project rumori dal fondo which includes drummer Mattia Pittella as only other official member. During the years the band collaborated with many musicians from the Italian music scene including Andrea Viti (Afterhours, Karma, Fausto Rossi), Lele Battista (La Sintesi, Morgan), Giuliano Dottori (Amor Fou) and many others.

In 2019 the band released their 3rd studio album COMETE with italian producer Davide Ferrario (Franco Battiato, Gianna Nannini…), Vito Gatto on violin and viola and Villagers Danny Snow on bass.

With RDF Massimiliano released two EPs, three studio albums and a Live album (‘demo 2005‘, ‘Imperfezioni‘ in 2006, ‘La nostra danza EP‘ in 2010, ‘Amanti e Reduci‘ in 2013, ‘Live with string quartet at 75BEAT, Milan‘ in 2014 and ‘Comete‘ in 2019) and performed live all around Italy playing with many well known italian acts including Giorgio Canali, Cesare Basile and Marta sui tubi.

In 2015 RDF (Massimiliano Galli, Vito Gatto and Mattia Pittella) produced for the first time an instrumental live soundtrack composed during a 3 hours live jam session for Roberto Rup Paolini‘s first independent movie ‘L’Estraneo – The Outsider‘.

The sessions are finally released as an album, L’Estraneo (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack), in 2020.

In 2008 he founded the band SignA with Stefano Schiavocampo. During the first years they performed as a duo all around Europe playing small gigs in Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, France, Italy.
In 2013 their first album called ‘Waltzes For Lilliputians‘ was released.

During 2014 SignA became a four piece band joined by irish musicians Rossa Cassidy on percussions and Brian O’Shea on piano, laptop and synth. The new band performed all around Ireland and played a sold out show in Milan, Italy in November.
In April 2015 SignA released their new EP ‘Lines‘ which has been launched with a sold out gig at Dublin’s Fumbally Stables and during the summer the band performed in all the most important Irish festivals (Body&Soul, Electric Picnic, Castlepalooza, Feile Na Bealtaine, Another Love Story…). SignA is currently on an undefined hiatus.

In 2008 he started to produce electronic music with the moniker I.M.G. With I.M.G. Massimiliano released several EPs (‘X2X‘ in 2008, ‘Blossom/Blight EP’ in 2011, ‘Hope EP’ in 2013 and ‘Crumbled EP’ in 2015). In 2011 Fondazione RomaEuropa used an I.M.G. song for a commercial which was played in several cinemas in Rome.
I.M.G. project is now to be considered done and Massimiliano is currently working on a new project in his Dublin studio.