I lavori per la pubblicazione di “Amanti e Reduci” sono ufficialmente iniziati. Nel frattempo Massi si unirà, a partire dalla data del 26 ottobre ad Arcore, al tour di Lina Paul in veste di polistrumentista (synth, chitarre, rumori).

Queste le date del tour:

18.October Sarreguimes: Terminus
19.October Strasbourg: No Smoking Gallery
21.October Zürich: Cafe Zähringer

22.October Bern: Prima Luna
23.October Basel: Cafébar Salon
25.October Milano: Maga Furla
26.October Arcore: Arci Blob
27.October Valpolicella: Pane Vino
28.October Faenza: Clan Destino
29.October Pescara: House Show
30.October Sora: Bibliote Libreria
31.October Vasto: Amenabar
1.November Latina: Circolo Hemingway
2.November Giulianova: L’Officina (L’Arte e i Mestieri)
3.November Fano: Bardàn Bar
4.November San Marino: Bio Bistrot (17:30)
5.November Rovereto : Bar Locos
6.November Klagenfurt : Lendhafen Cafe
7.November Villach: Herr Vincent
8.November Wien: Verein08 (+ Frenk Lebel)
“Desolate, lonely scenarios, like aural Edward Hopper paintings, are
described in songs and poems that float above minimal washes of pale,
haunted guitar chords. This reflective, introspective music
occasionally brings to mind Portishead, Low, and Bjork’s vocal delivery,
but it would be doing Lina Paul a disservice to say it was like
anything much else.” (live unsigned )Lina Paul is joined by Berlin based instrumentalist/ songwriter Andreas Laudwein and Massimiliano Galli an italian musician/songwriter/producer on drums, synth, guitar and vocals.Lina Paul lives in Berlin. During the last two years she played over 100 shows in Germany , Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Usa, Denmark, France, Czechia, Austria, England , played and recorded songs for radioplays and for an exhibition at the Groninger Museum (Netherlands).
LP produced two albums, a third one will be released in 2013.

Andreas Laudwein has been traveling the world with his band “The Alma Church Choir” and is currently working on new music to be released in 2013. He is also known for his live work for Miss Kenichi and is a member of Ian Fisher & The Past.

Massimiliano Galli is the leader of italian band “Rumori dal fondo” and member of irish minimal folk band “SignA”. Both project records will be released during 2013.